Red Room Studios 2018!


2018 plans to be a busy year recording drum tracks for a considerable amount of drum instruction videos as well as tracks for Brad Gillis of Night Ranger and other various artists working on their original projects. 

Red Room Studios has just upgraded to all Universal Audio analog to digital converters in addition to many UA software plug ins and new mics which will sweeten up any new project looking to get recorded . In the spirit of Van Halen 1 , Red Room plans to capture artists at their best playing real instruments! 

Matthias is hard at work mixing the live album form SF Melodic Hard Rock Band castle BLAK : "Live ! .....One More Sin." Regent St Claire (lead vocalist/guitarist, songwriter) has been creating killer songs since the early 80s and this album will showcase a fine array of his best hard rock endeavours in a live setting with ambitious performances from all involved. The album is expected to be licensed and released in 2018.  

kelli pearson