Ultimate Drum Warm-Ups Video

a short warm up routine video . www.matthiasdrumlessons.com

The key to a good start in any game is warming up. When I don't warm up before a performance it can lead to muscle pain and having a battle properly executing my playing. 

Start by stretching out your fingers and wrists properly by applying pressure to your wrists , palms together in a "praying" position. Then try opening all fingers and fingertip to fingertip pressing together applying  pressure . Obviously if you feel any pain release the pressure.

I have put together a short video demonstration of some stretching and sticking exercises utilizing double stroke rolls , paradiddles ,the paradiddle -diddle, flam/flam tap , swiss army triplets and the six stroke roll to help you warm up properly. 

I know sometimes drummers are not always thinking about the pre game warm ups , however , trust me in knowing that a little advance prep can lead to a great show! Enjoy! 

kelli pearson