Terms & Policies



Please do not bring any friends to your lesson. If there is a special situation such as an out of town visitor or relative who wants to view a portion of the session , please set up and clear in advance with the instructor . It can be extremely distracting for students to have a visitor in the room and we want the focus to be on getting the most out of your valuable lesson. 

No pets, food or drinks (bottled water ok) allowed in the studio. 


Tuition is due on the first for the entire month in advance. Cash, check or Paypal ok.  


We will allow a makeup lesson twice quarterly. If you know of a conflict well in advance, we will do our best to try and accommodate. You are reserving a valuable time slot and the instructor's time. If you're planning on terminating lessons, please let instructor know 30 days in advance.  

Materials :

Students should bring sticks and books to every lesson.