Internet Drum Tracks

virtual production studio.

Hire Matthias to play drums on your tracks, mix songs and produce full projects remotely from his recording studio in Lafayette, CA . Additionally , he can source top musicians and manage an entire project . 

Save valuable time! Matthias is a pro at adding that passionate feel to your music as well as adding percussion and electronic accompaniment tracks if so desired.  Matthias' lifework has been complimenting all projects with touch and feel as well as composing and producing music to be the best it can be. 

Here's how it works :

  1. A phone call via Skype to collaborate on exactly what the artist's vision is for their project. Please feel free to submit any song ideas or completed work to gather input on the direction of the song or project. 
  2. A 50% deposit paid via Paypal and delivery of the original track(s) on Wav / Aiff or MP3. 
  3. Matthias will track and send a sample of the completed song mixed with music and entertain anything the artist wishes to fix or add.  
  4.  Upon satisfaction of the tracks , The Artist will then complete payment and Matthias will send over the naked stems or a stereo file completely mixed depending on the artist's wishes.   

Client Recordings


"DREAMING" written by Jude Gold , mixed by Larry Sturm,  drums by Matthias . 


"Chocolate" - written by Ricky Wolking,remixed and drums by Matthias . 


"WHAT'S THE WEATHER LIKE" - written by Ash Soan, drums by Matthias. 


"THE HITS JUST JUST KEEP ON COMIN'" written by Regent St. Claire, performed live by "castle BLAK" , mixed and live drums by Matthias. 


"THE GRID" written / mixed and drums by Matthias