The Year of Keeping Time!


I feel that students do not grasp the importance of "keeping time" until they get down the road with their playing . A drummer's job is to be the "time keeper" and their ability to play in time with the pulse of the music. Most new students don't even listen to a metronome close enough and some go as far as considering it annoying to have to practice with a click.  

I am going to be introducing new methods of fun ways to practice time as well as accompanying students on bass guitar for sessions of improvisation. if a student doesn't realize when he or she is getting out of time then practice becomes futile and needs to be addressed. 

I remember in my first professional band , my meter became scrutinized and may have been a leading factor in me leaving the band. I want students to climb to higher levels through the use of various methods . 

The year of keeping time is upon us , lets tackle it together !